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Autumn in North Wales is glorious this year thanks to a prolonged sunny and mild spell of weather, as yet broken only occasionally by rain. Walking between the trees in the dappled shade of the woodland along sun-striped paths thickly carpeted with fallen leaves in all the shades of the season, has been truly joyful. As October draws to an end, here are some of my views of the month.

151021-Bryn Euryn Woods 4a-Path sun-striped 151021-Bryn Euryn Woods 5a-Path leaf-strewn

Ivy is flowering now providing vital supplies of pollen and nectar to late-flying insects.

151021-Bryn Euryn Woods 2a- Ivy flower

Ivy is flowering

151021-Bryn Euryn Woods 8a-Woodland Trail

Ash trees leaves have mostly turned to a bright yellow.

151021-Bryn Euryn Woods 7a-Ash tree canopy

Ash tree canopy

Many have already fallen.

151021-Bryn Euryn Woods 10a-Woodland Trail-Ash leaves

Strings of Black bryony berries are strung between stems of lower-storey vegetation

151008-Bryn Pydew (29)

Black Bryony berries

151021-Bryn Euryn Woods 9a-Woodland Trail

151021-Bryn Euryn Woods 6a-Hazel leaves

Hazel leaves fallen

Oak trees are in varying shades, some still retaining a lot of green where they are in shade while those exposed to more sunlight have turned golden.

151008-Bryn Pydew (6a)-Oak leaves turned yellow & blue sky

Last year there was a national shortage of acorns and here at least it doesn’t look as though this year is going to be any more productive.

Sessile Oak and acorns

Sessile Oak and acorns

151008-Bryn Pydew (37a)-Cherry gall under oak leaf

Cherry gall under an oak leaf

Female Yew trees have ripening pink-red berries

151008-Bryn Pydew (53a)-Yew berry

On the woodland edges and in clearings there is still plenty to see.

151008-Bryn Pydew (2a)-Blackberries & clematis

Late blackberries and Old Mans Beard

In a sunny spot I watched a gathering of a dozen or so hoverflies. Some were hovering and darting around, others were attempting to bask in the sunshine but were deliberately disturbed by their dive-bombing peers.

151008-Bryn Pydew (11a)-Eristalis hoverfly

Bryn Pydew-Eristalis pertinax

On limestone pavement I found Herb Robert leaves that have turned beautiful shades of red

151008-Bryn Pydew (43a)-Herb Robert leaves turned red

Goldenrod is a favourite late flowering plant

151008-Bryn Pydew (30a)-Goldenrod flower stem


although most plants have set seed by now.

Goldenrod seedheads

Goldenrod seedheads

Tucked into a damp sheltered corner where two quarried limestone walls meet, a maidenhair spleenwort fern remains fresh and green.

151008-Bryn Pydew (35a)-Maidenhair Spleenwort

And of course there are fungi, this is one of the few that I recognise!

151008-Bryn Pydew (48a)-Puffball


And to finish, a corvid feather, just because I liked it.

151008-Bryn Pydew (59a)-Corvid feather