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The weather throughout August has been unsettled and changeable. Rainy and sometimes windy days have curtailed outdoor activities, but when there have been dry spells and even occasional warm sunny ones, beautiful cloud formations have added an extra dimension to the views of sea and land.

A breezy but sunny afternoon:

9/8/11-Clouds over Rhyl

Catching crabs,( or ‘crabbing), is a popular form of entertainment in this part of the world. The only equipment required are a length of line with a hook to hold the bait, which is often a small piece of bacon and a bucket full of water to hold your catch – specially marked buckets are sold locally. When you’ve caught enough crabs to make you happy, you  simply return them all to their rightful home unharmed, where they can continue to grow. I’m sure there are many canny crabs lining up for an easy meal.

9/8/11-Crabbing from the jetty, Rhos-on-Sea

9/8/11-On the village part of the promenade a clever woven wicker sculpture, crafted from live willow, of a person holding a fish

 A warm evening just before sunset:

4/8/11-Rhos harbour at evening low tide

4/8/11-Evening view of seashore to Colwyn pier

4/8/11-White daisies growing at the back of the beach photograph better in the low light of evening

4/8/11-Gulls gathered and resting at evening low tide

4/8/11-A Herring Gull reflected

4/8/11-Rhos mussel beds just before sunset

4/8/11-A bumblebee was out late visiting lavatera flowers outside St Trillo's chapel

4/8/11-The Little Orme at sunset