Bluebottle Calliphora erythrocephala

130613TGINCT- Bluebottle on dock leaf-Rhos-on-Sea garden

13/6/13 -Bluebottle on a dock leaf. Garden Rhos-on-Sea.

Length: 11mm

Familiar, large  house-invading fly that makes a loud buzzing sound in flight. Female is attracted to meat upon which eggs are laid and the larvae feed.

Adult has a shiny blue body and reddish eyes & jowls.

Seen in most months but most common in summer

Status: Widespread and common.


Greenbottle Lucilia caesar

Length: 9mm

8/9/12-Greenbottle-Rhos-on-Sea garden

8/9/12-Greenbottle-Rhos-on-Sea garden

A colourful fly that is attracted to flowers, but also to dung and carrion.

Adult has a metallic shine to its body that may be green or bronze-green. The eyes are red.

The larvae live and feed in rotting carcasses. Their presence in a human corpse is an indicator to pathologists of the time of a person’s death.

Status: widespread & common

130630TGNR-Greenbotttle fly on hogweed-Little Orme


Flesh-flySarcophoga carnaria

Flesh-fly-Sarcophoga carnaria

Flesh-fly-Sarcophoga carnaria

Length: 15mm

This fly is seldom seen indoors. It is attracted to carrion and carcasses, but is most often seen ‘sunbathing’ on paths or small rocks.

Adult has a greyish coloured body but with chequered markings on the abdomen and has red eyes and proportionately large feet.

Larva is live-born (so no eggs are laid) on decaying flesh

Status : Widespread and common


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