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Ivy plants are flowering locally and are drawing in crowds of insects, particularly hoverflies but also bumblebees and butterflies. The flowers are not completely out yet, so I’m sure that there will be more to see shortly, if we have some sunshine, but the following are what I’ve spotted so far.

15/9/11-Red Admiral

Ivy flowers are produced from late summer until late autumn, the individual flowers are small and clustered in 3–5 cm diameter umbels. They are greenish-yellow in colour and very rich in nectar  and an important late autumn food source for many insects.

A bright shiny bluebottle fly

The most numerous insects drawn to the flowers were from various species of hoverfly.

Tapered Drone Fly-Eristalis pertinax

15/9/11-A larger yellow and black hoverfly, not yet identified

15/9/11-Hoverfly-syrphus ribesii

Marmalade Hoverfly-Episyrphus balteatus