My species collections & identification

The species lists are my personal records of the fauna and flora I have seen and photographed on my walks, so are my ‘collections’ if you will.  They are a work in progress and will be updated as I have new sightings or findings to add (and time to add them). I am hoping they will be useful as identification guides to others as well as a reminder to myself – I so often find myself having to retrace steps to identify things, most particularly insects such as hoverflies. They may also end up being a ‘log’ of my sightings if I’m feeling particularly diligent.

I take pains to try to make accurate identifications of anything I include in the lists, but if anyone spots a mistake or knows better I am more than happy, even grateful, to be corrected. The photographs I use will all be my own and they too will be updated should I manage to capture better ones.

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