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Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you find it interesting and/or useful, hopefully both. And thank you even more if you decide you liked what you saw and would like to follow my ramblings and subscribe to regular updates.


The blog, as its name is meant to suggest, takes a look at the nature that is present alongside us every day. There is so much that may be taken for granted or overlooked when we’re out and about whether that’s in a garden, a park, walking down a street, in the countryside, by the sea or in a designated nature reserve. There’s always the chance that if we don’t see it and appreciate it now, we may lose it forever without us even being aware it was there in the first place.

The posts are a nature journal of sorts, and a record of the things I see during the course of my day and on walks around a small corner of Northeast Wales. I have lived here for about five years now since returning from ten years of living in Southern Spain and I still feel I’ve hardly scratched the surface of what there is to see and learn about here. My understanding of the nature of the place is growing though, and I am beginning to see patterns emerging through my blog posts in respect of what I am seeing and sometimes, missing.

My most productive outings are usually those where I have been out on my own, free to meander and pause at will

I have always found the best way to learn about the places I’ve lived is to walk around them and see what’s there. That might sound like an obvious thing to say, but so many people go out for walks and simply don’t notice what is actually there. I so most of my walking alone with just my camera for company. I’ve been told on many occasions that I can be a frustrating person to go out with when someone else’s objective is simply to enjoy a good long walk! I simply seem to notice things that others are oblivious to and love to point them out in the hope that they might find them as interesting as I do. Taking a walk with me then may turn into more of a meander, with lots of stops to take photographs. I usually get left behind to catch up if I can.



I have begun to put together records of my sightings of some of the fauna & flora I have seen and identified personally, to date and listed them here. This is for my own benefit as much as anything as I get fed up having to repeat my searches for identification of things I know I’ve looked up before.



There are far more Nature Reserves throughout Wales than I can ever hope to get to see. I’ve put up a list of the ones recommended by First Nature as being ‘best for’ wildflowers, insects or birds.

I have also written descriptions of some of the places I go to walk on a fairly regular basis and that feature in my blog posts. Most are already familiar sites within the area and are easy to find – you can’t miss either the Great or the Little Orme, but I’ve given directions to those I had more difficulty working out should anyone wish to go and visit them.


15 thoughts on “about the blog”

  1. I’m so sorry to take so long to reply to your kind comment – I thought I had but it clearly didn’t ‘post’! I’ll be following your blog too, so keep posting about your lovely country!


  2. Hi Theresa,

    I just spent the last while pouring over your lovely blog. I’m delighted to come across another nature blogger 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

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  3. Pippa Sibert said:

    Hi Theresa so pleased to find your blog and website. I live in West Wales and have a particular interest in wild plants and their environment. I have decided to find out in more depth the plants particular to this area and the folklore surrounding them. I was walking in the dunes at Poppit Sands recently and was amazed at how many different plants there where. It all began last year when by pure chance I sat down in the dunes, looked to my left and there was a delightful bee orchid. I was transfixed for a while! So I am off with my camera and will be recording all that I find for now on!

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    • Hi Pippa, I just came across your comments as I was replying to another, I don’t know how I came to miss it, so can only apologise. Lucky you living in West Wales, I love it there. I hope your wild plant hunting and research are going well – it’ll soon be Spring again and there is so much to look forward to. Best wishes, Theresa

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  4. You are very welcome!


  5. Hi Theresa,

    Thanks muchly for the recent like at naturestimeline.

    Best Wishes

    Tony Powell and naturestimeline

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  6. Thank you, I’m happy that you find the blog useful, I will keep posting to it as I have so much information and so many photographs still to share! Links to other blogs and most other ‘sidebar’ info are added as ‘widgets’ under ‘appearance’. Gets easier with practice!

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  7. Good to find out more about you and hadn’t realised you created the Nightingale trails. It is such a useful source of information while we are living in Spain. I love your links to other nature blogs too. A good idea but I still seem to struggle with some of the technical layout.

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  8. Hi Theresa, and what an interesting blog you have created. I absolutely agree with you about the importance of looking at things when you are out walking, especially this sentence: “taking a walk with me may turn into more of a meander with lots of stops to take photographs”. And I also agree: walking alone is best 🙂

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  9. Yes, the main dilemma I have is where to choose to go! I love to discover new places but also never want to miss out on what’s close by either. If only there was more time ….!

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  10. I’m glad to see hear that there are far more nature reserves throughout Wales than you can ever hope to see. That way you won’t run out of places to visit whenever you hear the call to go exploring in nature.

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  11. Hello Theresa, I’d like to nominate your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award to show appreciation for your championing of nature in both Spain and Wales.

    If you don’t want to accept that’s fine, but if you do, the award requests that you nominate your favourite fifteen blogs and notify them of the nomination, share fifteen facts about yourself, and lastly display the award logo on your website (a copy of the logo can be lifted from here: http://thenaturephile.com/2012/03/16/id-just-like-to-thank/).

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