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9th April

The house was unoccupied for quite a while and although the garden was kept basically tidy, a few wildflowers have managed to get a hold. Golden yellow dandelions proliferate, there are a few daisies and in a damp shady spot celandines and speedwell.

Although a bit of a pain in the garden, the golden yellow heads of the dandelion flowers are none the less beautiful

the daisy is a favourite from most people’s childhoods

In a damp shady patch another childhood favourite grows, Lesser Celandine, here with pretty blue Speedwell

Small Red-tailed Bumblebees are the most numerous of the bee species I’ve seen here so far

A Wood Pigeon came for a nosy around the lawn…..

The Dunnock pair were enjoying a romantic moment in the sun on the little slate bench, a favourite spot of theirs, until I inadvertently disturbed them

the speckled wood on the ground showing its underside